National Veterans Memorial and Museum

It is time for America to remember and to honor its veterans, regardless of branch of service or era of conflict or peace. It is time to give a voice to every man and woman who has served, every mother and father who has lost a son or daughter, and every child who has lost a parent. It is time for the National Veterans Memorial and Museum (NVMM). There isn’t a single, dedicated museum to the veteran’s experience.

America has a long, proud history of military service and volunteerism during wartime. Heroes such as General George Washington and Senator John H. Glenn are well documented on the national stage. But there are others – nearly countless in number – whose military experiences are known only to family, friends and descendants. NVMM will preserve and share these stories so that their sacrifices for freedom are remembered.

NVMM is the only place where the stories of our veterans, their families and the Fallen – across all branches of service and all eras of conflict – will be told together. NVMM bridges historical events to current concerns to strengthen understanding and respect between veterans and civilians. This cultural institution stands as a place of inspiration for all visitors to come together as one people with a common bond and a shared pride in our veterans.

NVMM is neither a war memorial nor a military museum. NVMM takes visitors on a narrative journey telling individual stories and shared experiences of veterans throughout history. Paying tribute to the sacrifices of servicemen and women and their families. History is presented in a dynamic, participatory experience with photos, letters and personal effects, multi-media presentations, and interactive exhibits. Together, these elements link our national story to the larger context of world events since our country’s earliest days, and demonstrate the importance of individuals in shaping our history.