Artifact Loans

Artifact Loans

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum is not a collecting institution, and is not able to accept donations of artifacts at this point in time. All artifacts featured in the museum are curated through a loan process, mostly from lending institutions.

With our inaugural exhibition program, the exhibit designers have made a strategic effort to highlight a wide range of veterans, personal artifacts, and experiences. We envision that the museum’s initial collection of stories, artifacts and tributes will be the beginning of its exhibition program. The National Veterans Memorial and Museum will continue to invest in securing more artifacts and narratives to enhance and expand the original stories being featured.

The Museum is interested in creating a database of artifacts for future consideration, items like photos, letters, personal effects, or keepsakes; as well as objects related to enlisting, training, combat, the experience of families, or the return to civilian life. By honoring veterans across all branches of service, by educating, connecting, and inspiring visitors, the Museum will strengthen our shared pride in sacrifice. Personal memorabilia will give a personal dimension to this mission, and build a lasting legacy.

We encourage you to complete this form to submit items or stories to the Museum for review, so we can formally collect your information for future consideration. Please note that the submission of this form does not guarantee a feature in the Museum, but we will keep it on record as exhibits continue to grow and expand.

If you have memorabilia that documents Ohioans' military service, we encourage you to reach out to our partners at the Ohio History Connection. If you would like to donate military/veteran memorabilia to the Ohio History Connection, please email The curatorial staff from the Ohio History Connection will be in touch within two weeks to learn more.