Pets and Vets

From service animals to household companions, animals are shown to reduce stress and positively impact overall health in humans. From October 20 – 22, we encourage guests to join us for Pets and Vets week, including adoption opportunities from local shelters and animal welfare organizations.

This free community event is open to the public. We always welcome well-behaved service animals trained to assist visitors with disabilities during their Museum visit. You and your service animal will receive a free goodie bag upon arrival!

We welcome well-behaved service animals trained to assist visitors with disabilities during their Museum visit. Household pets and emotional support animals are not permitted.

We’re proud to partner with several organizations to make Pets and Vets week possible, including Columbus Humane, Buckeye Paws, Franklin County Dog Shelter, Canine Companions, and Veteran Companion Animal Services.

Yes! Columbus Humane and Franklin County Dog Shelter are hosting adoption events at the Museum including dogs, cats, and pocket pets.

Yes! The Museum has accessibility accommodations including mobility amenities, blind or low vision guides, and more. Click here for a full list.

Admission to the event is free and open to the public, but a ticket must be purchased if you would like to explore the Museum. We are offering a discounted $10 ticket for Museum visitors who attend our Pets and Vets events.


October 20 – 22, 2021 | 11 am – 3 pm daily
National Veterans Memorial and Museum (300 W. Broad Street)

  • Wednesday, October 20:
    Columbus Humane adoption event, with dogs, cats and pocket pets.
    Buckeye Paws therapy dogs and VCAS information.
  • Thursday, October 21
    Franklin County Dog Shelter adoption event with dogs.
    Buckeye Paws therapy dogs, Canine Companions service animals, and VCAS information.
  • Friday, October 22
    Buckeye Paws therapy dogs and VCAS.

The Wounded Warrior Dogs Project

The Wounded Warrior Dogs Project is a traveling exhibition of wooden dog sculptures created by master Ohio craftsman James Mellick. The dogs are intended to be symbolic of the sacrifice and exhibit the same wounds as their human companions in battle. The installation of wounded and rehabilitated dogs intends to raise awareness and focus the attention on the sacrifice and needs of wounded veterans. Five of the dogs will be on display.

National nonprofit Canine Companions is leading the service dog industry so our clients and their dogs can live with greater independence. We provide service dogs, free of charge, to adults, children and veterans with disabilities. Service dogs can assist veterans with a variety of physical, auditory and trauma-related disabilities. Canine Companions’ expertly trained service dogs can perform physical tasks to enhance independence including retrieving dropped items, opening doors, picking up prosthetics and alerting a veteran with hearing loss to important sounds in their environment.

For staff working in health care, anxiety levels can be intense at times. The aim of the Buckeye Paws program is to help take staff to a more stable state after high-stress situations. Buckeye Paws is a therapy dog program for faculty, staff and students, within the medical center’s Stress, Trauma And Resilience (STAR) Program. The dogs of Buckeye Paws are certified through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD), and the program follows ATD’s guidelines.

The Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center is dedicated to providing responsible enforcement of dog laws in the community, compassionate treatment of the dogs in their shelter, and on-going education for its citizens.

Veteran Companion Animal Services (VCAS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of veterans, military families and dogs through the many benefits of the human-animal bond.

Columbus Humane believes that when you provide resources that open doors, offer help, share knowledge and invite involvement, you are raising the bar. For pets. For people. For the entire community. When that happens, everyone thrives.

The mission of Veteran Service Dogs is to provide Service Animals to U.S. Military Veterans. Through the hard work, dedication, and passionate care of their trainers and providers, they train both the service animal and the Veteran.

WED-SUN 10 A.M. - 5 P.M.