Urban Wildlife with the Ohio Canid Center

Explore wildlife conservation with the Ohio Canid Center and their Ambassador Animals. Learn about what makes wild canine species uniquely able to adapt to urban environments and how we can safely cohabitate with them.

This event is free but registration is required.

Ohio Canid Center‘s goal is to educate the public not only on wolves and their importance in the ecosystem; but also to bring a better understanding for other wild canine species. Isn’t it strange that we love our domestic dog, but fear the wolf, hate the coyote, or see the fox as a nuisance? 

If we understand something better, then we can more easily learn to appreciate and coexist with it. This is the main role of the ambassador animals; who win the hearts of program attendees simply by being there. These are moments that stick with the viewer for the rest of their lives, and in turn help inspire a change in the way everyone views wildlife.

The event is finished.


July 14, 2023


12:00 pm

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