Membership FAQ

Joining online is easy! Visit this link and fill out your information. You can also call our Membership office at 614.212.6052 or email us at for any help or questions regarding your registration.

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that relies on friends and supporters to continue its mission, to expand programming, and to reach more people with its important message. At NVMM, we aim to educate generations to come about selfless service and sacrifice, and we can’t do that without the generous support of those who believe in our mission, our Membership community.  

New Members will receive a limited-edition Honor Guard Member commemorative coin, a personalized Membership card with your unique Member number and information, a Membership welcome letter that functions as a receipt for your donation and more. New Member Welcome Packets are mailed out within 4 weeks of your join date.

New Members who join at the Perseverance level ($65) or higher are eligible for:

  • A branch-specific coin for Veterans, or an exclusive “Proud American” challenge coin for non-Veteran Members.
  • An Enhanced Registry listing, which may include a photograph, branch information, and brief service notes.

Yes. Purchasing a Gift Membership supports our mission of honoring Veterans and sharing their stories.

Please visit our Gift Membership page and follow the on-screen instructions to give the gift of Membership today.

Each Honor Guard Member can have one name listed in the Member Registry. Members can choose to list their own name, their family name, or even the name of a serviceman or woman they would like to honor.

Honor Guard Members at the Perseverance Level ($65) and higher are eligible for an Expanded Registry listing, which may include a photograph, branch information, and brief service notes.

Listing another or your spouse’s name on the Membership record is a great way to ensure that both of you receive the benefit of free admission every time you visit the Museum. The individual listed on the Honor Guard Membership is the primary benefit holder. For Perseverance Memberships and higher, you can list up to two (2) individuals on your record. Whoever is listed on the record will be the individual who has access to the exclusive Member benefits, communications, and opportunities. If you are a Veteran and receive free admission but want to ensure that you also have access to Member benefits, we recommend purchasing a Perseverance Membership or higher, and listing both your name and the name of your partner on the account.

Sharing your email and activating your online Member account is the best way to ensure that you are remaining up to date on all of our Membership opportunities. To share your email with us, contact the Membership office at 614.212.6052 or by email at See below for information on how to access your online Member account.

For first time access to your online Membership account click this link and follow the onscreen directions to activate your account. You will be prompted to enter your email address, and you will be sent a temporary password with steps to create a new password for future access. The password reset email will come from If you don’t see it in your inbox, please check your spam.

For more information on how to activate and log in to your member account, check out this step-by-step video!

All Members are entitled to receive a limited-edition NVMM commemorative coin. If you have not received your coin, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Membership office by phone at 614.212.6052 or email us at

Yes. Thank you for your continued support as a Member! Please visit our renewal page and follow the on-screen instructions to renew your Membership.

Anyone who joined as a Member from our opening in 2018 through the end of March 2023 is considered an Inaugural Member of the National Veterans Memorial and Museum. As an Inaugural Member, you will be listed permanently in our member Registry. When you renew your membership, you may notice that some of the levels have been renamed:

New Membership Level                  Previous Membership Level

Fortitude                                            Individual

Perseverance                                   Dual

Integrity                                             Family            

Valor Society                              Valor Society                  

Courage Society                         Courage Society

Freedom Circle                           Freedom Circle

Patriot Circle                               Patriot Circle

For a full list of Member benefits at each level, please click here.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your membership, please contact our Membership Office at 614.212.6052 or email us at

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The NVMM is Open on MLK Day!

$1 Admission on Jan. 16 in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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