Our Team

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Lt. General Michael Ferriter

President and CEO
U.S. Army (Retired)

William J. Butler

Chief of Staff
Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired)

Andy Cloyd

Museum Director

Meagan McGowan

Director of Exhibitions

Justin Locke

Business Development Manager
Veteran, U.S. Army

Ashley Legg

Guest Experience Manager

Darci Edwards

Events & Sales Manager
Veteran, U.S. Army

Mason Farr

Education and Outreach Manager

Steve Jones

Volunteer Coordinator
Lt. Col., U.S. Air Force (Retired)

Connor Behm

Group Sales Coordinator

Lauren Schirtzinger

Event Sales Coordinator

Suzanne Stone

Business Development Coordinator

Candace Brady

Vice President of Advancement

Nick Wood

Director of Advancement

Sue Llende

Database Manager

Zachary Matthews

Development Officer

Kellyn Burkitt

Grants Manager

Tammy Brown

Marketing & Communications Director

Jennifer Nodjak

Marketing and Communications Manager

Isabel Wening

Communications Coordinator

Jynx Gresser

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Jeff Nutter

Vice President of Finance & Admin

Landy Williams

Finance Director

Dominic Popp

Facilities Manager

Marnie Holder

Veteran Services Program Officer

Lesley Moore

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Samantha Fouts

Exhibitions Associate

Theresa Sanderell

Guest Experience Supervisor

Celeste Bradshaw

Guest Experience Associate

Zachary Watts

Guest Experience Associate

Maureen Mason

Membership Coordinator

Taylor V. Shaw

Museum Educator

Dorian DiBartolomeo

Veteran Concierge Operations Manager

Jennifer Ballou

Deputy Chief of Staff

Courtney Gehres

Guest Experience Associate
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