In life, there are always risks involved when you move forward. Sometimes you fail and sometimes you succeed; but it is always important to face life’s challenges and try your best. This is an important life lesson that’s discussed in Admiral William H. McRaven’s (RET.) new book, “Make Your Bed with Skipper the Seal.” This book tells the story of a young seal named Skipper who decides to join the Navy SEALs. During his training, Skipper faces many challenges and learns several lessons which help him both while serving in the Navy and when he returns home. These lessons include the values of teamwork, determination, perseverance and hard work. After writing his first book, “Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life… And Maybe the World,” McRaven decided to make a version for the younger generation to share with them the same life lessons he had learned while serving as a Navy SEAL. Admiral McRaven wants everyone to take pride in all their accomplishments, even the smallest ones like simply making your bed.

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