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In our continued celebration of Women’s History Month, Brandon Turnau, Guest Experience Associate, recommends a powerful book written by U.S. Army Veteran, bestselling author, and award-winning journalist, Kelly Kennedy: “If you’re interested in reading about the bond that soldiers share and how camaraderie is found in the darkest of times, then look no further than Kelly Kennedy’s book, “They Fought For Each Other: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Hardest Hit Unit in Iraq.”

Kennedy was embedded with Charlie Company 1-26, a United States Army unit. Her time with Charlie Company 1-26 lasted several months, but the experiences encountered undoubtedly will last a lifetime. The group would go on to be recognized as the hardest hit unit during the Iraq War. Many chronicles of heroism have been written about United States soldiers spanning a plethora of wars, but what makes this book standout is the depth with which these stories are told. Kennedy goes into heartbreaking detail as she digs into each individual soldier’s life story. While anguish and tragedy struck the unit on numerous occasions, true heroism and sacrifice are what rings most soundly from this work.

This courageous company volunteered to serve their country with patriotic fervor and were willing to sacrifice everything for this nation and for each other. What makes this book such a good read is how powerful the themes of sacrifice and selflessness are displayed by ordinary people in impossible situations. Without a doubt, a must-read for anyone interested in personalized military stories, themes of brotherhood, and stories of true resilience.”

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