“Theirs was a loss compounded by uncertainty and unresolved by time. When he scoured the archipelago with sonar, when he hung in the open doorway of a Cessna, when he slogged through the jungle and traversed the channel on yet another rainy day, he wasn’t searching to the dead. He was searching for the living.”

Part thrilling search and recovery mission, part World War II history, “Vanished: The Sixty-Year Search for the Missing Men of World War II” seamlessly transitions between the stories of the men who vanished in the Pacific Theater of war on September 1, 1944, and those whose lives remain affected by the mystery of their disappearance more than 50 years later. As we recognize National POW/MIA Recognition Day, add this book to your reading list as it poignantly reveals the struggles of families who grapple with the uncertainty of what happened to a loved one.

Extend Your Knowledge:

  • In an interview with Harper’s Magazine, Hylton answers six questions about the book.
  • Check out this author talk hosted by the New York Public Library in 2014 in which Hylton talks about the book.

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