For this month’s Vetrepreneur Spotlight, we sat down with Korey Shaffer, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and founder of Til Valhalla Project Apparel Co.. He is on a mission to help fund mental health support for Veterans with proceeds from their sales going towards creating plaques for the families of Fallen Heroes, with 20% of their net proceeds are then donated towards reducing Veteran suicide.

To date, Til Valhalla has proudly donated over $1 million to Mission22 in the fight against Veteran suicide. Over 200 lives have been saved, over 1,500 plaques have been anonymously delivered, and most importantly, thousands of loved ones have been honored in just a few short years.

About Til Valhalla Project

On May 10, 2016, one of Korey Shaffer’s closest friends from the Marines took his own life. The weight of watching the most courageous people in his life fall to their own demons was unbearable. The next day, he gifted the plaque to his deceased friend’s mom. She loved it! She shared it on Facebook, and then other people started commenting that they wanted a plaque. So Korey got to work. The demand for plaques continued to grow, as well as the cost of making them. Korey needed a source of funding. That’s when the Til Valhalla Project was born. 

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