Veteran Concierge Service

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum Veteran Concierge Program is a national network of resources to guide Veterans and transitioning service members on their journey from service to meaningful employment and create access for employers to Veteran talent. Our vision is to inspire the nation by demonstrating how military service is a pathway to opportunities through community connections that provide new purpose for those predisposed to serve others.

Through a collaborative national network of organizations, employers, educational institutions, and service providers, our program helps Veterans navigate their journey and discover their purpose. In a typical concierge fashion, we are personalizing the approach for Veterans and employers by facilitating connections where qualifications meet the demand. We are leveraging vetted programs, platforms, and resources specifically designed to align talent, thus streamlining and enhancing the employment process.

This program directly supports the storytelling aspect of our mission and creates the ability to serve our Veterans in communities nationwide. The economic success of our Veterans amplifies the importance and impact of service.


A Veteran’s story doesn’t end when they depart the military. With 8.8 million Veterans currently employed in the US and another 200,000+ Service Members transitioning annually, the NVMM is uniquely positioned to expand our reach beyond telling Veterans’ stories of service to directly impact their journey to meaningful employment. Their stories not only demonstrate how military service can lead to economic opportunities but inspire future generations of servant leaders.

Start translating your skills

Whether you’ve served in the military or you’re a military spouse, we can help match your experience to open jobs across the country.


  • Early 2024: Small Business Summit
TUES-SUN 10 A.M. - 5 P.M.
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The NVMM is Open on MLK Day!

$1 Admission on Jan. 16 in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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