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Exhibition Description

This exhibition invites the viewer on a shared journey through the stories and impact of a proud tradition and process undertaken annually by tens of thousands of hopeful young men and women applying to the United States Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, M.D.

Through her loose, impressionistic and intentional brush strokes, Kristin shares the quiet, gritty and nostalgic experiences of USNA candidates during their transformation from plebes to officers. We invite you to find parallels with your own life-changing stories (military-related or not) and the courage to dig into their meaning and express them in the way only you can.

About Kristin Cronic, U.S. Navy Veteran, A Midshipman’s Journey Artist

With a BS in Naval Architecture, Kristin Cronic was commissioned as a Surface Warfare Officer in 2011. She served as a naval officer until 2017, deploying twice on ships.

Kristin pursued an informal art education in her free time. She has dedicated recent years to documenting the midshipman’s journey through painting under the alias “Easel on Stribling,” painting over 150 pieces about USNA. She has an MFA in Visual Art from Jacksonville University.

She resides in Florida with her husband, Caleb, and their three children.

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Accepted, 2019-2020
Kristin Cronic

Outsiders and Friends, 2019-2020
Kristin Cronic

Colors, 2019-2020
Kristin Cronic

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A Midshipman’s Journey is my story, but it’s also yours. It’s the journey of accepting the call, stepping past the threshold of the unknown and arriving through the other side a different person, yet somehow still the same.”


“I chose to use color representationally, but to keep the brushwork impressionist and loose. The details aren’t important. The moments are what matter.”


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