“The Eternal Soldier: The True Story of How a Dog Became a Civil War Hero” tells the tale of Sallie, a Bull Terrier who joined the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War and became a valued and loved member of the unit. Sallie was more than a mascot to the men of the 11th; she was a friend and fellow soldier who reminded them of the loved ones they left back home. Though the days where grueling, Sallie kept her fellow soldiers in high spirits, running beside them while they marched and eating with them during morning and evening meals. She was proud to serve and protect her family from any danger that came their way. After her passing, a monument was built on Oak Ridge to honor her service and to remind people that not all soldiers walk on two legs. Some of our four-legged companions stand as the bravest and most loyal soldiers in the United States Military.

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