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Relieve stress, build resilience and maintain optimal fitness with our free NVMM Yoga program. Each week, certified yoga teachers will lead each class through basic poses to advanced movements to help you find your inner peace of body and mind.

We maintain a welcoming and safe learning environment for all levels of experience, whether you have never taken a yoga class or you are an advanced student. Veterans and civilians alike are invited to participate and connect.

Your free Resilience & Wellness Membership offers 1-year free admission for 1 person to all our regularly scheduled Jiu Jitsu and Yoga classes. Plus, receive advance notice to special Resilience & Wellness programs.

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  • Power/Flow: This Vinyasa style class is a dynamic and more athletic style of yoga that is focused on synchronizing your breath and movement. Students will move through intentional poses and sequences at a steady pace, focused on building heat, increasing strength and improving flexibility.
  • Slow Flow: This slower-paced, traditional Vinyasa style class is designed to help you improve your balance, flexibility and core strength through an emphasis on Sun Salutations and mindfully designed sequences, all while focused on the breath. This class is appropriate for all levels.
  • Meditation/Yin: This class involves a series of poses held for longer periods of time, typically in seated and supine postures focused on the lower body. Guided meditations will be included in each class that guide students to reconnect with themselves, gain greater clarity and inner peace.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Classes are designed for any level of skill, from beginner fundamentals to advanced techniques. All skill levels are welcome!

Classes are free for everyone, but registration is required, and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Your Resilience & Wellness Membership offers 1-year free admission for 1 person to all our regularly scheduled Jiu Jitsu and Yoga classes. Plus, receive advance notice to special Resilience & Wellness programs. Complete the form below to register for your free membership. 

All participants must be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Participants will be required to sign a Media Release waiver and a Liability Release waiver upon registration.

Wear comfortable clothing – something you can move in! Shoes are optional. The Museum has yoga mats and blocks for use if you do not already own your own supplies.

Meet your instructors:

Jennifer Ballou is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Warriors at Ease Assistant Faculty Member, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Certified Professional Life Coach, sharing her passion for wellness and resilience with others, specifically the military community. She is also the Deputy Chief of Staff at the National Veterans Memorial and Museum (NVMM) and leads the NVMM’s Resilience and Wellness Program.

Jennifer’s classes are welcoming and accessible to all with equal parts mindfulness, movement, music and fun! She creates a safe space for you to look inward, connect with and come home to yourself.

Yoga has been a stabilizing force in Lindsay’s life for over a decade. A dancer growing up, moving in her body had always been a source of solace for her. She initially approached the practice from a purely physical point of view. However, the longer she did yoga, the more she began to apply it to everything — creating a better flow, not just on her mat, but in her life.

An anatomy nerd at heart, with a background in teaching both dance and Pilates, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Spirit Yoga in San Diego in 2019. She then spent the next three years teaching there. Prior to that she taught, lived and practiced in New York and Cleveland.

Nursing school brought her back to her home state earlier this year. She is currently in Kent State University’s accelerated BSN program. She has enjoyed the process of trying new studios and styles of yoga in northeast Ohio.

Cassie first discovered yoga through a high school gym class and it led her to practicing daily. Her daily practice relieved all pain she had through regular daily activities and then she found the beautiful practice of meditation. Cassie now teaches yoga at a few different places and specializes in Yin-Yoga, combining deep stretches and breath work as a way to calm the body and mind.

For Cassie, yoga is not only a practice on the mat but something she can carry with her daily – living in the present, using the breath to calm the body, and being mindful of herself and the world around her. It brings Cassie joy to be able to share the practice with others who can take what they learn and implement it in their own lives. She believes that everything needed to heal ourselves is already inside of us, it’s just a matter of tuning inwards and listening to our body and soul.

Heather Hensley is a graduate of Yoga on High, 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training, focused on Vinyasa.  She stumbled upon hot yoga in 2011 and was immediately hooked.  Through the process of teacher training, yoga became more than just a physical practice and has taught her so much about compassion for herself and others. She has continued her education with trauma-informed yoga training. As an instructor, she cares deeply about creating a fun and supportive environment.  

Heather is the wife of a Marine and a mom to three boys and two dogs.  She enjoys working out, watching movies, and spending time with her family. Heather is the Director of Consulting at J2 Strategic Solutions, a small business that assists safety-net health centers to obtain federal funding for underserved populations. She has a heart for veterans and finds the community at NVMM to be incredibly kind and welcoming. 

Beth Morrow has 200hr RYT certifications in both yoga and meditation. Her love is to help us connect with the most important person in this world–ourself–through the breath. She believes that meditation is not about trying to be still and empty the mind, but a practice available to us in every moment that brings a sense of peace and healing where we are. 

Her classes welcome beginners and advanced students alike. Beginning with gentle movement and transitioning into guided meditation, you’ll leave refreshed, realigned, and deeply rested. 

Beth is a former middle school teacher who now teaches yoga, meditation, and mindfulness in-studio, on Zoom, and in educational workshop settings. She also works with private clients looking to establish a new meditation practice or deepen an existing one. When she isn’t teaching, she can be found freelancing for a variety of publications and working to earn her 300hr RYT advanced meditation certification.

Debbie’s passion for Holistic Healing began when her father was diagnosed with cancer over 30 years ago and continued when her husband was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. She wanted to find techniques to help ease their pain and discomfort. Her journey led her to Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Pranayama and Sound Healing. Debbie became certified as a RYT-200 Yoga Teacher in 2016 from Yoga on High, and began studying Reiki with several Master Teachers and became certified in two different Reiki Modialities. She is continuing her education and currently enrolled in a RYT-300 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program which specializes in trauma.

Debbie teaches yoga at several local studios and online. Each yoga class focuses on breath awareness to reconnect the mind, body and spirit with mindful movement while staying present in the moment. Because the present moment is all we really have. Her commitment to helping others is a calling she has felt from her heart; because she knows and has experienced first-hand the effects of trauma, deep emotions and how they get stored in the body. By sharing and teaching these practices she believes that healing can begin and life and newness can be restored deep within the soul.

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